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Data Privacy Policy​

Date of Last Revision: Oct. 27, 2021

This Data Privacy Policy (“Policy”) is to inform you the types of information we collect, why and how you can limit this information.  This Policy is intended to be read in conjunction with our Terms of Service.  This Policy may be revised from time to time so we advice for you to visit this page for updates.  In our sole discretion, we may notify you via email of material changes.  The scope of this Policy does not apply to information you have provided or made accessible to other third parties.


In order for Sieve to provide its service optimally, we need to collect certain information.

At registration.  When you download Sieve app ("App") and become a User ("User") by creating an account, we ask you to fill out certain fields with information about you, which includes:

  • Email address;

  • Name;

  • Date of birth;

  • Photographs;

  • Relationship Status; 

  • Hashtag descriptors; and 

  • Location Services from your device in order to sort the members and meetups closest to you.


Aside from the Date of birth, this information can be edited at any time by going to your Profile and changing it.

Other information you may provide.  We collect additional information when you use the App, such as communications between members, affinity feedback, location, images uploaded by you that may or may not include you, such as location images, logistics information, etc.,  date of creation of account and dates of last activity recorded.

The information we collect helps us optimize the type of Meet Ups to recommend as well as profiles of other Users.

USERS’ NETWORKS.  We collect information about the Users, Meet Ups, hashtags and group communications you are connected to and how you interact with them.  We also collect information on mutual affinities between Users to calibrate our filtering algorithm to optimize the recommendations.

YOUR MEET UPS.  We collect the types of Meet Ups you participate in, the Users you interact with and the time, frequency and duration of your activities. 

CONTENT AND INFORMATION POSTED FROM OTHER USERS RELATED TO YOU.  We also collect and analyze content, communications and information other Users provide that is related to you; such as their affinity feedback towards you and responses in your communication with them.

DEVICE INFORMATION.  We collect information about your mobile device that you use to connect with our Products (as defined in our Terms of Service Agreement).  For example, to measure whether you respond to an advertisement shown when you access our Products. The information obtain may include a) device attributes, such as the operating system, software versions, signal strength; b) device operations, such as whether a window is foregrounded or backgrounded; c) identifiers, such as device IDs, unique identifiers; d) data from device settings, such as access to your GPS location, camera and photos; e) device’s network and connection, such as language, time zone, IP address.


Personalization.  We mainly use the information and content provided by you, to personalized the way we deliver our Products.  To create suggestions relevant to you, we use your account information, interests and activities based on the types of Meet Ups you attend, the people you interact with and places you visit.  This information guides us to provide you with relevant suggestions as well as promoting third party offers and other sponsored content. Our decisions on partnerships with third party business and venues, rely heavily on this information to effectively build the right partnerships for our communities.   We use location related information, such as your current location, where you live, to provide you with other members’ profiles and Meet Ups happening around you as well as giving you an idea of distance between your location and locations of Meet Ups.

Improvements, promotion and operations.  We use this information for our daily operations, such as verification of Users’ accounts and activity.  We also use this information for product, research and development, so we can develop, test and improve the App. We also use this to help advertisers and other partners measure the effectiveness of the content and offers advertised to you through the App.  We may from time to time conduct surveys and research and your feedback will be included to better improve the App.

Communications.  We use the information to communicate with you in regards to the Product, it’s policies and updates, marketing of third party partnerships, and to respond to you when you contact us.


App Community.  The content and information you add in your Account is shared to the App's community, other Users of the App.  For instance, your profile information is shown to other Users for personalization of their Meet Up visibility parameters.

Third-Party Partners and Sponsors.  Meet Ups posted by you or other Users may be shared with partners and/or sponsors offering related goods and services and other goods and services related to your interests, content provided by you through your account.

Service Providers.  We share this information with our service providers who support our business and provide technical infrastructure services, such as real-time database or cloud database providers.  These providers may include monitors that monitor activity on the App and approve content and providers of analytics services.

Law Enforcement.  In response to legal requests, we share the information with law enforcement.

Social Sharing.  The App may offer features that involve integrating tools to share some content with third-party social media platforms and vice-versa. 

Company’s Affiliates and Successors.  In the event the company is acquired, merged, financed or undertakes a corporate transaction that entails disclosure of the Apps’ community, their content and information may be shared as part of the transaction. 


Other Users.  As part of our Product, other Users will see the information you provide us.  However, assume that all information you decide to post may be publicly-viewable and accessible, so really feel comfortable in what you are sharing before adding it to your account.  Through the use of hashtags you may disclose personalized information; please be cautious in adding any sensitive information including the photos you upload to your account.

Third-Party Partners and Sponsors.  Meet Ups posted by you or other Users may be shared with partners and/or sponsors offering related goods and services and other goods and services related to your interests, content provided by you through your account with the purpose of proposing activities and Users that may be of interest to you.  We may also share this information to analytic services to understand our community better and improve our Products.

Sieve is based in the United States.  All information about you will be transferred to and processed in the U.S. therefore, other countries may have data protection laws that are different and in some cases may not be as protective.  We have taken the necessary safeguards to protect your information within the laws of the U.S. We implement technical and organizational measures to protect your personal information; however, we cannot guarantee these controls will provide absolute security or prevent hacking, data loss or other breaches may never occur. .  Additionally, it is your responsibility to keep your password complex, secure and confidential, as to avoid any unauthorized access, misuse of your account and disclosure of information. 


Updating your information.  Your account is at all times accessible to you to make any changes and updates you deem necessary.  The only exception is your date of birth.  You must be at least 18 years old to join Sieve.  Once we have collected your date of birth, this information will be stored and updated automatically.

Deletion of your account.  You may request at anytime to delete your account by sending us an email to with subject line: DELETE ACCOUNT. 

Data Retention.  We may choose to deactivate your account if you don’t sign in for 6 months or more.  In the case you wish to reactivate your account you will need to inform us by email to with subject line:  REACTIVATE ACCOUNT.

Device Settings.  Depending on your phone’s settings, we may collect information on your location as well as provide you with promotional communications.  This information is used in our filtering algorithms so that the profiles and gatherings are relevant to you in terms of location.  To prevent the App from obtaining this information please change the settings on your device.   In order to prevent the App from sending  notification, you may turn off the Notifications setting in your phone; please note that by doing this, it will prevent from other notifications to be sent, such as, reminders of Meet-Ups, updates and cancellations.


Do not track.  We do not have mechanisms for tracking your activity outside the App.  We do not knowingly permit third parties to collect personal information about a User’s online activities when using our App.

Data Rights.  Depending on the jurisdiction you live in, your data rights may include some or all of the following:

  • A complete deletion of your information collected and in our databases.

  • Information of how your information is being used.

  • Accessing, updating, correcting the information that has been collected.

  • Opting out from marketing communications.

  • In certain circumstances, withdrawing your consent and/ or objecting to processing your information.



California residents have certain rights regarding transparency  about our privacy practices and how to access and delete their personal information.  If you would like to access or delete your information under the CCPA, please send us an email at with subject CCPA Privacy Protections.

Following are the classifications of information, as defined by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), that are considered “personal” and apply to Users who are California residents.

  1. Contact information, such as email and biometric (not relevant here);

  2. Identifiers, such as name and location;

  3. Protected classifications, such as gender identity and marital status;

  4. Commercial, such as purchase of goods and services history;

  5. Network and internet activity;

  6. Geolocation data (GPS);

  7. Audio, electronic, visual and the like, such as photos and videos;

  8. Professional, employment-related and education information additionally provided;

  9. Interests and characteristics inferred from activities and interactions.


If you have any questions regarding this Policy, you can contact us by e-mail at with subject line DATA POLICY. 

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