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Reinventing How People Meet

Join, experience and keep in touch....or not.

Sieve is designed to make it easy for you to connect with people in settings you are interested in. It facilitates the planning of meetups only visible by the people you choose to meet IRL.

Do you want to experience a Michelin star restaurant? Plan it and hashtag it #3starmichelin, #elevenmadisonpark, #worldsbestrestaurants or any # you want.

After the meetup, you decide who you would like to keep in your circles. SIEVE WILL NOT SHARE YOUR FEEDBACK, it is used only so you can do more with people you like and enjoy!



Here are some of the great features of Sieve.

Ready Made Meetups

With one click your meetup is almost ready to post, you just need to decide when and who you want to invite.

By using "ready-made" feature you can enjoy offers from local restaurants and entertainment venues.

Visibility Controls

Visibility of your meetup post is controlled by your affinity towards someone. 


This makes it easy for you to post an activity and have only the peeps with whom you have a type of affinity see the post. 

Yes! you want to meet or keep meeting up.

You are a little lukewarm, may be good to get to know them better.

You definitely enjoy this company, may be a future bff.

You might have a little crush.

No affinity has been defined, will only see your PUBLIC posts.

No thanks; you don't have much in common or really enjoy the company.

Connecting With Hashtags

Build connections through commonalities.  You see a hashtag on a profile you like, tap on it and add it to your own profile.  In the future you will be notified of events that meet your "I am", "I like", "I want" hashtags.

How the App Works


Pre-vet who you want to meet

As you go through our members' profiles, you decide if you want to make them part of your circles by clicking        .

As you meet members you can always fine tune your cirles.

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Here (1).png


Join a meetup or host one

If you are seeing the meetup invite is because the host wants to meet you.  

You can see who else is going and decide if joining is worth your while.

How It Works


Decide who you want to keep in your circles

At the end of each meetup you can provide us with your feedback so that Sieve focuses on helping you develop meaningful relationships by spending time with those members you enjoy!

Sieve will not share this feedback, it is for your own eyes only.

About Us

Our Story

"The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships."   Tony Robbins

Humans are social beings! We take our cues from one another.  Our brain health is highly dependent on social interaction.

Noticing that our social interactions are becoming more two-dimensional, Sieve exists as a counter-balance to this social phenomenon of screens, which has been exacerbated by the pandemic. 

This is why Sieve was created.   There are many "meetup" apps but Sieve is different.  Sieve centers on members' mutual chemistry to increase the chances of a positive social interaction, while making it simple to organize a meetup and try new places.  By following the chemistry between members, Sieve can assist you with finding long-lasting friendships, fun casual encounters, or building circles around an aspiration, i.e. travel, dining, sports, etc.  You just need to join and meetup!


Satisfied Customers

“I have met great people on Sieve dinner parties.  I've kept in touch with several people and developed meaningful relationships with some.  I'm very happy to have joined!”

Spiro Maravegias

“Better than online dating.  I've been meeting great guys that I wouldn't think I would like by just looking at the profile.  Plus you see the "real" person from the get-go which is so much better, than being disappointed after so much back and forth online.”

Letty Madrid

“When I moved to NYC, I used Sieve to meet new people and experience the city.  I still use it to keep in touch with great people I've met, it just makes it super easy to make plans and see who is up for it.  It is a great app! ”

Angelika Kerzakova

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