Meet new people

  • New to a city? Changes in relationship status? Want to improve your social life? Let Sieve help you connect with people with similar aspirations and interests so you can find the best social circle to navigate these changes.

Antidote to online dating

  • Avoid the awkwardness and disapointment of online dating by first meeting in person and then decide if you find a Connections attractive and personable before going on a date.

More opportunities to socialize

  • It’s nice to have hundreds of online friends, but most are only that, online. IRL friendships are much more rewarding. Real friendships motivate our best work, help us cope with challenges and celebrate life! With Sieve you’ll have more opportunities to have face to face interactions to develop a meaningful relationship.

Find real chemistry

  • In-person interactions give us the opportunity to discover if real chemistry exists for future friendships, goal collaboration or rallying for the same cause.

Video posted 2019 when idea was being developed and prior to new look
Why Sieve?

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*Sieve is a Patent Pending Friendship/Dating system